Happy new year now all the partying is over it is time to assess the collateral damage of xmas.


If you are asking yourself why did I do it  it felt so good at the time! This is a guilty vice for both men and women, affects young and old irrespective of race, you may be thinking what is this guilty pleasure? It is SPENDING but not just ordinary it is spending that somehow compensates for other areas in our lives where we are unhappy.

Spending only becomes a real issue when it causes you to be in debt. Not just being overdrawn by £20 but the inability to pay your way, but yet you are still able to find money to buy that pair of shoes, you have always wanted not worrying about the consequences of spending money you don’t have.

You just have to ask yourself a few simple questions to assess whether your spending is a problem:

•Are you paying the minimum payments on your credit card.

•Are you always overdrawn?

•Do or have you had debt collectors chasing you,scared to answer the door or the phone.

•Scared to open letters

•Do you lie about your spending/debt situation.

•Have you used pay day loans?

This list just gives a sample of some of the difficulties you may be experiencing if you are experiencing any of the above now 2017, would be the best time to start to gain control of your spending. That is no more overspending

You don’t just wake up one day in massive debt. That’s not how it happens it is a gradual process and before you know it you can quickly become overwhelmed. Most people see debt as a serious problem, but it’s not. Debt is a symptom of a problem. Most of those problems come from overspending and not budgeting.

So the challenge for 2017 is to take control of your finances before your finances take control of you.

I will be sharing useful information, links and tips to support you on this journey remember no matter your financial difficulties there is plenty of support and advice available for you.

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