Thanks for the ‘likes’ and those who have shared and for the personal  messages of encouragement I will not name and shame lool  I promise it has been greatly appreciated. As promised see below

Step one

People often think that asking for help is a weakness but it is a strength, acknowledging that you can’t do everything and don’t know everything will be a weight off your shoulders.

Gather together your bank statements, creditor details you may want to do this over a couple of days as you will need to face your fears this means no more burying your head in the sand.

This approach may seem attractive because it means you do not initially have to face up to the problems. However, in the long term it will lead to increasing anxiety and stress, so the sooner  you deal with it the better.

Debt will not disappear unless you take action  to resolve them. The more time that passes before you take the situation in hand, the worse your dilemma will be.

By ignoring the situation, you are likely to suffer from considerable stress and the debts will spiral  out of control so take ACTION NOW.


Get a copy of your credit history there are a number of companies who provide this free of charge Experian, Noddle, Clearscore I have used Clearscore they are a free service and you will be able to view and monitor your credit rating as it improves!

If you in receipt of benefits please use ‘Entitled to’ to ensure that you are in receipt of the correct benefits

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