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Hi folks,
Sorry for the delay but just started a new job!!!! Feels like the first day at school but better. This blog is about EE the mobile provider and the things they do not tell you.

Mobile network driving you crazy
This is my experience with my own provider, if you live in the Croydon area and are experiencing network problems with EE there is a problem with their phone masts in some areas. By problems this includes making calls and the phone cutting out in the middle of your conversation, or not able to hear what the person on the other end of the phone is saying. Trying to make a call and it fails to connect and callers are unable to connect when making a call to you.

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I contacted EE and began complaining about the poor network first they put me through to the technical team who ran a diagnostics on my phone which I knew would not resolve the issue. I explained that this would not work and stated that I wished to make a formal complaint. Initially they offered me 10% discount of my bill for 6 months I stated that I was not satisfied and this was increased to 50% and they also increased my data.

Ms J had the same network issue and lives in the Croydon area she has now had her phone bill reduced to 40% for the next 4 months.

Ms S again had the same issue and lives in Thornton Heath she again complained about the service and had one months bill was wiped off and her bill reduced to 50% off her line rental for 2 months she will be chasing this matter again in August
Remember when you are speaking to EE they will try and persuade you that the problem is with your phone and will not tell you there is a problem with the mast make sure that you inform them that you wish to escalate the matter to OFCOM is the UK’s communications regulator they regulate the TV, radio and video on demand sectors, fixed line telecoms, and mobiles, e.t.c. they will inform you that they will transfer your call to a manager who will offer you a temporary package until the issue is resolved.

Ms M has £80.00 credited to her account immediately as a result of raising the issue with EE.

Ms T was upgraded from 10GB to 30GB with no additional charges.

If you are having the same network problems give them a call and let me know the outcome good luck


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