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Hi all,

Just a quick update your may recall I recently wrote a short blog in relation to network issues with EE particularly in the ‘Croydon’ area and advising you to contact EE.  The network issue has still not been resolved!! Please contact EE I have done so and now receive regular e-mails providing updates.

PLEASE NOTE EE HAS NOT SHARED THIS INFORMATION WITH IT’S CUSTOMERS and initially when you contact they will put you through to their technical team who  will run a diagnositcs on your phone which will not resolve the issue so do not be put off by this.

I have received  feedback in relation to this and have the consent of the individuals to share their experience.

‘Ms P confirmed that she had network issues contacted EE and her bill was reduced to Zero.’

‘Mr E contacted EE with  the same network issues and his bill was reduced to  Zero.’

‘I myself am still paying 50% of my normal contract whilst this issue is still ongoing’

Remember the saying:

nothing ventured nothing gained

Good luck! and let me know the outcome

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  1. taylor2508 Reply


    I am also experiencing network issues but I am subscribed to Vodafone.

    Are you aware of the same experience for other Vodafone users?

    Kind Regards Mrs Taylor

    Hi there below is a link for Vodafone which is a network checker if there are issues with your provider it will disclose it, then all you need to do is contact your provider good luck let me know the outcome.

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